Franklin Family Services Launches Outpatient Telepsychiatry Program

HERSHEY, PA – Franklin Family Services, a network of outpatient behavioral health clinics in Pennsylvania, launched a telepsychiatry program this week to increase access to psychiatric care in several of their locations (Carlisle and Camp Hill).


Telepsychiatry is the delivery of psychiatry through real time videoconferencing. It is proven to be an effective form of care delivery and a great way to expand the psychiatric support at a clinic without having to staff an in-person psychiatrist.

This is a great solution in Pennsylvania and in many other states across the nation where there is a shortage of psychiatrists. Telepsychiatry allows one provider to easily serve multiple sites without having to spend time commuting between various locations.

The telepsychiatry program is launched in partnership with InSight, a national telepsychiatry service provider organization. Telepsychiatry services provided include all the same services someone would receive in-person through their telepsychiatry provider, Dr. David Kaicher.

Dr. Kaicher is a Pennsylvania licensed, board certified adult psychiatrist. Dr. Kaicher has published research in The Journal of ECT and Urology, and completed his residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center, his doctorate at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and his Master of Arts in Psychology at New York University.

With this program, Franklin Family Services aims to treat the behavioral health needs of adults, adolescents and families so that they can achieve their potential through a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Telepsychiatry allows for unprecedented access to specialists, so that Franklin Family Services can better serve its community across its three locations.

“We’re happy to be able to leverage telepsychiatry to serve several of Franklin Family Services’ different communities. By sharing a psychiatric provider across multiple clinics everyone gets the psychiatric care they need in the most efficient way,” said InSight’s Operations Director Dena Ferrell.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting new service to our clients. We are dedicated to increasing psychiatric access to all consumers and this is a smart way to meet the community need,” said Dana M. Matheson, MA, LPC, Clinical Director, Franklin Family Services.

It is estimated that 1,051,490 individuals in Pennsylvania are living with serious psychological distress including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, panic disorder or anxiety.[1] The telepsychiatry program will allow Franklin Family Services to increase their ability to treat those that need care the most.

About InSight Telepsychiatry

InSight is the leading national telepsychiatry service provider organization with a mission to increase access to quality behavioral health care through telehealth. InSight’s behavioral health providers bring care into any setting on an on-demand or scheduled basis. InSight has 18+ years of telepsychiatry experience and is an industry thought-leader. More information can be found at

About Franklin Family Services

Franklin Family Services (FFS) is a private, social-service agency for youth and families. Founded in May 2003, we operate outpatient clinics from Greencastle to Hershey, PA, providing intensive home- and community-based interventions for children, adolescents, adults, and families in the child welfare, juvenile justice and mental health systems.

[1] National Institutes of Mental Health, National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 2015, and NSDUH-MHSS 2008-2012.